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      2017年06月08日 | 作者: paperrater | 分類: 行業動態 | 來源:PaperRater論文檢測系統

      摘?? 要







      (格式:小三號Times New Roman,20磅行距、居中)

      Full face tunnel boring machine (TBM) is increasingly applied to the tunnel construction. One of the key restricting technologies lies in TBM cutters. In this design project TBM cutter for hard rock conditions is studied and designed in accordance with QINLING tunnel using WIRTH cutters for reference.

      Firstly, the analyses and studies on the key technologies of the cutter are performed. Then ,based on this the design scheme of the cutter is proposed, some calculations are carried out for the important cutter parts such as cutter shaft, cutter bearings, bolts etc., a complete set of cutter design drawings is accomplished by means of computer aided design. In this design, 4Cr5MoV1 is used as the material of cutter ring, its heat treatment process is drawn up to make the cutter ring has a performance of better wear resistance, strength and hardness in higher temperature;…….

      (格式:小四號Times New Roman,20磅行距,兩邊對齊)

      Key words(小四號Times New Roman,加粗,左對齊): TBM;? cutter;heat treatment process (小四號Times New Roman)